Koi Keeping Basics

When you are thinking about buying Koi, you need to make sure that you can provide a suitable environment for them.  Here are a few of the Koi keeping basics: A Koi pond should be at least one metre deep and must have a filter designed to cope with the volume of fish in it. Only use de-chlorinated water to fill up your pond, do water changes or clean the filters.  You can u...
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What can we offer to you?

Marisa Koi Farm
We are a division of Cuttlebrook Koi Farm, supplying Japanese koi to the UK trade and hobbyists. **Japanese Koi - Fully UK quarantined **High quality Japanese Koi - direct from Japan **Consolidated - direct from Japan **The highest quality UK bred Koi from Cuttlebrook Koi Farm **Quarantine service **Buying trips **Dry Goods   All fish are available to dealer...
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Japan Trips

Join Mark on his next trip to Japan! You can spend a week looking at thousands of fantastic Koi and visit dozens of the best Koi breeders in Niigata. You will also get the opportunity to see some of the local places of interest (the Koi Museum is a must!). Our host and agent, Japan Koi Export, will be on hand to act as interpreter and to help find the Koi you are looking for a...
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Quarantine Service

Koi Quarantine Service
We offer a full quarantine service to our customers bringing Koi in direct from Japan. Some customers prefer to quarantine their Koi themselves so, rather than include the cost of quarantine in the price of the Koi you buy from us, we give you a choice.  When you buy your Koi through Marisa you can collect them straight from the airport when they arrive from Japan and quaranti...
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Koi to suit your budget

  We have thousands of Koi for you to choose from.  Not just the best of Cuttlebrook Koi Farm UK bred Koi and fully quarantined Japanese bred Koi, but you can order Koi direct from Japan - whether you are a hobbyist or a retailer, we have something to offer you.  Small Koi to grow on or high grade larger Koi. Just let us know what you are looking for! Take a look at our...
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