Koi Salt


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When is it good to use Koi Salt?

0.3 → 0.5% – General tonic for stress i.e. moving fish

0.6% – White spot (Ichthyophthirius) treatment

0.75% – Tosai introduction. Chilodonella and Trichodina treatment

0.9% – Costia (Ichthyobodo) treatment

Don’t treat for something you haven’t identified. Don’t add salt to your pond water unless you have to.

1. Only use it as a medication.

2. Always dissolve it first when you add it to your pond.

3. Try to bring the salt levels down again as quickly as possible once the fish have recovered, using weekly water changes of 10-20%.

4. If you are using salt, you must use a salt meter.

5. A dose of 1kg per meter cubed (1,000L) is a 0.1% salt concentration. Therefore, 30kg of salt is added to 10 metres cubed (10,000L/2,200 gallons) for 0.3% salt.

6. Don’t use any other medication with salt apart from those recommended by the manufacturer as being safe to do so. (Especially DO NOT use with Formaldehyde (Formalin))

How to calculate the volume of your pond:

Length (m) x Depth x Height (=Metres cubed) x 1,000 = Volume in litres

You can check your actual volume after dosing with salt: Amount of salt added (i.e. 30kg) ÷ salt meter reading (0.6%) = 50 Then multiply the result by 100 (50 x 100) = 5,000L

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