Premium Junior (2mm)


Premium junior is ideal for small koi, from around 3″ upwards.

This is the same food we use to grow our fish at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm. We have seen exceptional growth rates, skin quality and colour in our fish, using solely this food.

The food has taken numerous fish to over 50cm at less than 12 months old. Whilst achieving this growth, the fish still exhibit great body shape and colour. Combining high protein and low phosphorus and fibre, this generates optimum growth whilst ensuring minimal waste.

Food description:

  • Protein level: 42%
  • 1.5kg
  • This product is available in 2mm floating pellet 
  • The food comes in a sealed container with tamper proof lid, ensuring your food stays fresh for as long as possible and providing protection from pests/rodents.


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Crude protein 42%, Crude Fat 13%, Crude Fibre 1.4% Crude Ash 6.1%, Phosphorus 0.87%, Calcium 1.1%, Sodium 0.2%. Composition: Wheat flour, soya dehulled extracted, toasted, poultry meal, fish meal, hydrolysed feather, maize gluten, sunflower meal, soya protein concentrate, rape oil, fish oil, wheat gluten, yeast derived product, monocalcium phosphate.

Extruded complete feed for fish. Store cool and dry, do not over feed. Remove any uneaten food remaining on the pond after 5 minutes. 


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Weight 1.5 kg