Quarantine Service

We offer a full quarantine service to our customers bringing Koi in direct from Japan.

Some customers prefer to quarantine their Koi themselves so, rather than include the cost of quarantine in the price of the Koi you buy from us, we give you a choice.  When you buy your Koi through Marisa you can collect them straight from the airport when they arrive from Japan and quarantine them yourself, or we can take them through quarantine for you.  (We recommend that you only quarantine Koi yourself if you have the facilities and experience to do so).

Our quarantine service includes:

  • 6 weeks quarantine period.
  • Your Koi will be held in an insulated, biosecure, heated building where they will be heat ramped twice during the period they are held.
  • All food and medication, including antibiotics if required are provided.
  • Regular health checks and monitoring throughout each day.
  • Your fish will be held with KHV naïve koi so that should an outbreak occur, KHV can be identified, even if your own Koi survives.

Your koi will be cared for at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm by qualified aquaculture professionals with over 38 years of combined experience. Mark Davis graduated from Sparsholt College with a Diploma in Fishery Management in 1985, worked at Kamihata Koi Farm at Yamazaki in Japan for six months, then for several UK dealers, before establishing his own Koi Farm in 1989. His farm, Cuttlebrook Koi Farm, has a reputation for producing high quality healthy Koi and he has raised and cared for millions of Koi over the years!  Sam Norley graduated from Sparsholt College with a First Class Honours Degree in Aquaculture and Fishery Management in 2016 and has been working full time at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm since graduating.

The purpose of quarantine is to allow for a period of time for any illness or disease that a fish may be harbouring to present and be treated.  If it is not possible to effectively treat a condition within the six week period then you can either collect your fish and continue to treat it at home, or we will continue to hold and treat your Koi at the weekly rate set out in the pricing chart.  Should your fish develop a condition which is fatal, or which leaves lasting damage, we do not offer any reimbursement of fees or replacement costs for the fish.

At the end of the quarantine period you can collect your Koi, or we can arrange for it to be delivered to you.  If you do not collect your Koi at the end of the quarantine period, the additional fees will apply.

See chart for pricing (per fish):

Size  (cm)       Price Per Week        Price per 6 weeks        Additional weeks

30-40              £12.50                      £75.00                           £15.00

40-50              £15.00                      £90.00                           £17.50

50-60              £17.50                       £105.00                        £20.00

60-70              £20.00                     £120.00                         £25.00

over 70           £25.00                     £150.00                         £30.00


The MAXIMUM charge per box for six weeks quarantine is capped at £250. Additional weeks £45/week.