The costs involved

Planning on travelling with Mark to Japan?  The cost of any trip depends on the level of travel you choose, but a rough guide is the following.

What to budget for:

Flight from Heathrow to Haneda Tokyo
Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagaoka
Food and drink
Any trips you might choose to go on whilst you are there.
Hotel when you check out
Shinkansen from Nagaoka to Tokyo
Possibly overnight stay in hotel in Tokyo
Flight home
And, of course, any fish you buy! If you don’t buy any fish there will be a charge of 10,000 Yen (approx £70) per day for showing you around.

Air plane tickets again depend on the class you travel in and I suggest you find the best price online. At the moment the cost of a return economy ticket on British Airways from Heathrow to Haneda Airport is approx  £900. Other destinations will of course vary.

Travelling on the train from the airport to Nagaoka Station, to get to your hotel in Ojiya, is approx 15,000 yen (£107.00 approx) each way and you purchase your ticket at the station when you get there.

We get discounted rooms at the New Plaza Hotel in Ojiya and this is approx 7500 yen per night (£54.00 approx) including breakfast and you pay for this at the end of your stay when you check out.

Cost of food a drinks throughout the day can be up to 1000 yen (£7.50) for lunch and anything from 1500 (£10.00 approx)  to 4000 yen (£28.00 approx) for dinner not including drinks this is approx but is a good average.  You can pay for your meal at the end as you would in any restaurant.

If you are buying Koi, you will be quoted a price at the side of the pond (in Yen) and we will let you know what the price is landed (in GBP), which means including the cost in Japan, the VAT you pay on import getting your Koi to the airport in Japan (with all the correct certification), the flight over from Japan and getting your Koi through customs in the UK, so you know what the final price will be by the time your Koi clears customs at Heathrow (subject to exchange rate fluctuations). You don’t pay any money on the day and your Koi will be held by the breeder until it is shipped.  You pay us in GBP (the amount you were quoted in Yen using the exchange rate on the day you pay, not the day you were quoted) and we pay JKX in Yen – it couldn’t be simpler!  You can collect your Koi from Heathrow when it arrives, or you can take advantage of our quarantine service and collect it from our farm when the six week quarantine period ends.  Depending on the size of the Koi you buy, you might be able to fit more than one fish in a box, in which case, the shipping costs per fish work out significantly cheaper. This only works if you are buying fish from the same breeder though!

(Exchange rate £1 = 139.662 Yen as at 23/08/17)